Anoush is a professional life coach and the founder of Upbright Global, a boutique coaching and training business based in Hong Kong.

Anoush is passionate about helping people interpret their emotions and fears, understand their goals and meet and exceed their ambitions, through life, parental and family coaching in both individual sessions and group training programmes. Anoush’s international life experience, corporate background and extensive training and credentials position her to expertly support individuals in creating meaning in their professional and personal lives.

Anoush is frequently called upon to deliver coaching sessions to international and local businesses in English or Russian, with tailored sessions developed to help drive employee engagement, motivation and performance, and leadership through emotional intelligence. She also provides group sessions on topics including positive parenting, family life, work-life balance and wellness that businesses wish to offer to their employees or clients.

Anoush is deeply interested in supporting and challenging her clients and often pulls them into uncharted territories. Her knowledge and intuition, blended with her ability to shift perspective, positions clients to successfully craft and bring their ideas to light. Anoush has a coaching style that allows her to provide an individual approach to each client to help them clarify their personal and professional values as well as crafting a long-term vision. She supports clients in their journey of discovery to optimise their potential.

Prior to starting her coaching journey, Anoush worked for many years in the corporate world in the United States and Russia. Since then her family has lived in five different countries and experienced first-hand how it is to up-sticks and dive into new cultures. Constant change, transition and transformation in her own life pushed Anoush towards her journey as professional life coach, certified parent educator and certified emotional intelligence practitioner.

Anoush has worked with a large number of individuals in the corporates such as HSBC, LiFung Foundation, Appleby, Chatteris Educational Foundation, BBDO and others. Her clients come from different backgrounds from stay at home parents to leaders of large multicultural organisations. Anoush firmly believes that with the right type of support everyone is capable of transforming their lives, let go of limiting beliefs, unlock potential and make optimal use of opportunities.

Anoush holds a master’s degree in language and marketing from the Moscow State Pedagogical University and in professional interpretation and translation from the Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Technology. Prior to moving into coaching, Anoush worked for many years as a professional translator including for Linklaters in Moscow and in marketing and business coordination for MEC Technologies in the United States.

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