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The online booking portal below is being phased in for your booking and payments – some items will need to be booked and paid manually by any of the other methods further down the page. Use the request form – or see our Contact page – if you are not sure or have any questions about your booking or payments.

Open for more detailed instructions on use of the Online Scheduling & Payment Box below

    1. Chose your Counsellor and Price Point by browsing the Team page and more information about the scheme and counselling, here and here. Note that there are different levels of skill and experience and some of the Team have specific niches or specialities which may be of benefit.
    2. Return to this Bookings page using the ‘Book and Pay’ button at the top of every page.
    3. Read the instructions in the large blue box below to make sure that your choice can be booked online – the system is being gradually introduced. You can log in at the top-right if your details were previously saved.
    4. If you purchased a package earlier and you want to book another appointment within that package, click Redeem Package and enter your email or package code.
    5. Categories 1 & 2 are only for Liz McCaughey bookings
    6. Categories 3 & 4 are for any of the LCC Team – note that 3 is for Face-to-Face and 4 is for Online
    7. Therapy packages are for paying for a discounted package of 4 sessions with Liz Mccaughey. Once paid, you will receive the code to make appointments via the Redeem Package button as explained at 4 above.
    8. Select your category to see the Appointment Types available. Carefully select the Appointment Type that relates to your chosen therapist’s level and price point.
    9. If there is only one Counsellor that fits your requirements, you will be taken straight to the booking calendar. If there is more than one, you will be given the opportunity to choose your selected counsellor before being taken to their availability calendar.
    10. Select the date and you will be given the list of available times. Select the time that you prefer.
    11. You may wish to book ahead for recurring appointments at this time. Select the number of recurrences and the system will let you know if any of your choices are unavailable. Note that the system takes into account both your counsellor and the room availability.
    12. Select ‘Add a time’ to select another date and time slot to make multiple bookings.
    13. Select Continue to move on to the personal particulars and payment section.
    14. If you have previously saved your login details, they will be here. Otherwise fill in as required – you can save those details afterwards if you wish.
    15. The first Pay Now button is for payments through Stripe. This is similar to PayPal but has more facilities and can safely save your credit card details for next time. The second button is for PayPal if you prefer and you will be taken to the PayPal site.
    16. All appointments must be paid for at the booking.
    17. You will receive a booking confirmation email and a reminder 24 hrs before the appointment. The emails contain links for rescheduling, cancellation etc.
    18. Please email with any problems, suggestions etc.



If necessary,  you can still use these old PayPal Buttons for payment

These will be phased out once the Booking Portal is running well


Therapy Options:
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LCC Options:
Your Name
Counsellor’s Name & Appt Date


Back up payment method only – please use above for payment and booking supervision

Supervision Options:
Your Name & Appointment Date

Request for Booking, Information or Help

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Payment Methods


Liz’s work phone: +852 6270 9109 

Bank Transfer


BoC Account:  012-875-20138758

Please forward the bank slip by email with the relevant date and event to


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