There are many reasons people go to a Counsellor. It may be for an immediate issue or it may involve a problem  that has been bothering you for a while. Problems have the capacity to overwhelm and no matter what the issue it can be challenging.

Going to family or friends is not always the solution and this is where a counsellor can help. However many people can call themselves ‘counsellors’ so make sure you check their qualifications. No professional will be upset if you ask them for proof.

At aMindset we offer counselling services in Central, HK.

Liz McCaughey also offers Psychotherapy & Skype Sessions

The Counselling Session

The first thing you will have to provide at your counselling session is an outline of your problem. This will usually be done on the first session or over the phone, if applicable. A range of topics may be discussed. This is done to ensure you are getting the correct therapy and you know what to expect during your counselling session.

If a treatment plan is necessary, you will arrange regular sessions with your counsellor.  Unlike psychotherapywhich tends to be a long term investment, counselling may only require one or two sessions to alleviate your problem.

As confidentiality is important to most clients, you can let your counsellor know what you expect just as the counsellor will explain what he or she expects from you. In most cases, the session stays in the therapy room, unless the counsellor believes the client is capable of self-harm or suicide.

Counselling sessions themselves are usually around 50 – 60 minutes.  Counsellors are trained to listen closely to you, to understand what you are feeling and to know your fears. They are not there to judge you or to tell you off, the counselling session is a partnership. Instant solutions may be available, or a long term plan may be the best way forward for your psychological issues.

The approach of counselling is based on tackling mental, emotional and physical problems that are causing you problems.  Counselling will help you to resolve troublesome issues in your life. An important part of this process is being able to talk in confidence to a trained professional who will do their best to help you.

Counselling is offered in different formats, including individual, couple, family or group therapy sessions, and it can be effective for all age groups.

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