Master of Counselling Student, Monash University, Hong Kong

Tatum creates a safe and collaborative space where clients feel comfortable sharing and exploring their thoughts and vulnerabilities.  She supports and works with the client to increase their self-awareness, gain new perspectives and connect their strengths for more meaningful life practice. 

Having grown up in Zimbabwe, previously studied in South Africa, and lived in the United Kingdom, Australia and now Hong Kong, Tatum believes that culture greatly influences life experiences.  This plays a large part in the identification and communication of obstacles and the resulting growth and actualization. 

With experience in both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors, Tatum aims to provide the utmost quality of service, facilitating and guiding clients experiencing work stresses and who are seeking goal-attainment and work-life balance. 

Tatum is a qualified teacher and has worked with adolescents and their families navigating emotion regulation and the multiplicity of life challenges.  This includes encouraging open communication, building personal strengths, realizing potential and fulfilling relationships with peers and family. 


PGCE (Rhodes University, South Africa), BA (Hons) Psych (Rhodes University, South Africa) 

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